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The view of Mt. Rainier at Mineral Lake Lodge is GORGEOUS! We have a total of 3 ½ acres that features 215 feet of private pristine waterfront on Mineral Lake. After hiking Mt. Rainier National park, return to enjoy our great fishing, boating and swimming while watching the sun set over Mt. Rainier. Our amazing sunsets around the campfire while visiting with people from all over the world, is a perfect way to end the evening! Our double decker cedar sauna helps to make it a wonderful place for rest and relaxation!
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Our View


Sparkling Sunsets from our Veranda


Ice on Mineral Lake

Moon Rising
Legend has it that rain is on the way when you see a cap forming on Mt. Rainier.

Our Lodge



Gathering Room

Media Room

Impressive Log Work

Breakfast Kitchen

Breakfast Kitchen

Breakfast Alcove



  Private Cedar Sauna Three mountain goats
 were spotted on the
Mineral Hill Road

Furniture by Lawrence
    Smallest Post Office in the United States.
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Our Guests - Their Photos and Comments

Our guests have been amazing! We have people from all over the world...Here are just a few pictures they have sent us and some of their comments. We will always treasure our memories of their visits.

Email: Hi Ramona, I have been thinking about you guys since I came back home. I really enjoyed my stay with you at Mineral Lake Lodge. Remember when you told me that you have not had anyone that has stayed at your place that has not summited? Well, you could continue saying that to others, because I did summit on August 30, 2011. It was an amazing experience! Thank you for your kindness, prayers and support. Hopefully our paths will cross again. I promise as I grow old, you will be part of my Mt. Rainier climb story that I will tell my kids and grandkids. Issam

(Issam was one of our favorite guests in 2011. He was originally from Lebanon and now resides in Washington DC
and we were thrilled that he made
the summit!)

Guests having fun on the veranda during a festival weekend. They were from Brazil, California, England and Washington. Sent to us by Sarah and Martin, one of our favorite couples for 2011.

Scott and his three sons from Oregon bond each year for a few days on a road trip together.

Larry is one of our regulars and he brings his boat each year to catch the big one and he also enjoys the crawdad season. This picture was taken by Frank, another regular.

9 pound 2 ounce Rainbow Trout caught off our private
dock by Ron from Rochester during Fishing Season Opening Weekend!

Email: We just picked up some pictures of our trip to Mt. Rainier and the lodge. You graciously gave me a tapestry hanging of “welcome to the lake” and I would like to thank you again! I am looking forward to giving it to our friends who are directors at a Bible camp. The picture on the tapestry looks like the front of the lake cabin they use for retreats at the camp. We so enjoyed our stay with you. Beverly (A couple of months later we received this email from her brother-in-law Paul) You may not remember me but this summer Barbara and I stayed at your B&B along with John and Bev. Anyway, during our visit, we discussed that I was going to be deploying to Kabul Afghanistan for six months. At that time you gave me a magnet and told me to take it with me. I am here and the magnet sits at the base of my computer monitor and I can look at it and reminisce your view…

At Dawn
Photo Courtesy of Karen Randall
From Massachusetts

Our View of Mt. Rainier
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Johnston
From Canada

Our Dock
Photo Courtesy of Sandy Novak
From Washington

Lakefront View
Photo Courtesy of Sandy Novak
From Washington

Guest Comments

2011 Dear Ramona and Ron, We enjoyed our stay so much in your beautiful bed and breakfast.  The bed in the Victorian room had a super comfy mattress and the atmosphere and decorations were so soothing, peaceful and pretty.  Your home is spotless; it’s so very clean and inviting!  Thanks for the tasty bagels and muffins.  Our favorite thing to do was sit in the sun room with coffee and have our quiet time each morning gazing out at the mountain and the lake.  Here’s a blessing for you from God’s word: “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25    Alan & Frances – North Carolina

2011 I’m so happy we picked the lodge along our tour of the West Coast. It was a very pleasant stay. Most impressive is the spectacular view of Mt. Rainier and the restfulness of the evening and night hours. We enjoyed the discussions with you.  You, as innkeepers, do an outstanding job.  All the best for you.  Arne and Torsten – Germany

2011 What a wonderful find.  We had no idea such a gorgeous place existed.  To hope that tomorrow will bring sunshine and the possibility that the beautiful mountain will expose itself in full glory.  From some very contented Australians – Julie and Graeme, Melbourne

2011 Thank you Ron and Mona this is a beautiful place. I stayed in so many places; this is the most lovely one!  Everything!!!  Cozy, Warm!  We will love to come back and introduce to friends. Cong and Jun Yang

2011 Dear Ramona and Ron, Thanks for maintaining the antiques, especially the sewing machines and those things in the kitchen.  They made me feel at home (In India) and I didn’t feel that there was an ocean between us!  We are all the same loving creatures of God.  Rest everything else was cozy and comfortable.  You’ve managed the space very well and given all the modern amenities. Thank you!    Asha and Anil – India

2011 (From a Christmas card)  Our favorite memory of 2011 was staying at your place in July!!  Dawn and Perry - California

2010 Thanks Ramona and Ron, for such a lovely retreat. We commend you for maintaining one of our National treasures.  That is a gift to our country.  It has been a dream to see both Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.  Staying with you was the capstone to a wonderful couple of days.  Good luck, keep well and take care.  George and Joyce – Maryland

2010  Dear Ron and Ramona I like this place because it is so pretty and you have such a pretty mountain view! Thank you for: giving us such a great room and letting me watch the movie on the TV, giving me the heart candies and such great shampoo, soap and lotion in the bathroom. Thank you in advance for breakfast tomorrow, Love, Alexandria   (12)           PS Thank you for letting me play with the Barbie dolls. 

2009 Thank you very much this place is wonderful!  Hope to come back sometime in the future.  Michal and Yosi – Haifa, Israel

2009 Ramona and Ron, thank you so very much for being so warm and friendly.  You made our stay very personal.  We want to thank you for helping to make our son Steve’s wedding very special.  You have a beautiful place and we want to wish the two of you the best.  Once again thank you!  Bruce and Donna - Issaquah, WA      

2008 We arrived about 8 but couldn’t go in because the Mountain was out in the last of sunset tints!  You were right – a better view from your great veranda than from the Paradise Inn or even Skyline Trail.  We loved walking down to the water and to Ron’s gazebo with the mountain always in view. Then returning to your inn with quite a history.  Enjoyed breakfast with a knowledgeable collection of world travelers.  What a remarkable experience you have created for all of us! Thank you   Priscilla & David         

2008 Ramona and Ron Thank you so much for your hospitality, for us it’s like a dream in this great and fantastic area, the first trip in the North West of America and in Washington state.  The Americana room is very nice and we had a very good night.  We were very proud to have the Stars Spangled Banner in the room because we have great respect for your flag.  Thank you again for this unforgettable stay in your beautiful lodge with the fantastic view of the lake and the mountains.  Best Regards Yves and Anne – France

2008 We came here to see Mount Rainier.  Fortunately – for Heaven’s sake – we ended up at Mineral Lake!  G.

2008 Direct from France for a walk in the evening, through the forest misty, mysterious, calm place! And in the morning a radiant sun shines on the lake and Mount Rainier, two deer passing down the lawn, a real postcard!  Jean Marie – Brittany, France

2008 My third visit!  It gets better each time.  What a wonderful respite from my busy life and now it brings bittersweet memories of my mother who stayed here with me last time in what was to be her last vacation.  This trip is about healing from her loss just a week ago.  More than memories and good times, the lodge has become a good part of my life that I treasure.  I find peace here as well as warmth of friends and family.  Thank you for all you do to provide this wonderful haven.  Julie – Oregon

2007 With deep regret we only were privileged to stay here for one night.  Ron and Ramona we thank you for a delightful stay! We thank our Lord for bringing us to your little piece of Heaven.  Our room is so pretty and peaceful , also so clean!  This is by far the cleanest inn we have ever stayed at.  The Mt. view, the lake, the birds, the geese, the beautiful sunrise the lovely antiques. We love it all! Last night down at the bench by the water, a deer came right across our path… Splendid!  This has been a great little get away and we feel Blessed.  Heidi and Chuck – Auburn, WA

2006 Glad we found your lodge.  We had a wonderful time.  We had a great time fishing off your dock…well Ron had a better time than I did since he caught a 9 lb. 2 oz. trout!  Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and beautiful surroundings.  We’ll share this with all our friends. Ron and Brenda – Rochester, WA

2006 We watched Mt. Rainier emerge from the clouds in this wonderful sun room while sipping on raspberry wine and playing rummy.  How perfect!  Rob & Patty – Ocean Shores, WA

2006 What a wonderful find, a beautiful place, two great people to greet us and a majestic mountain, overlooking a beautiful lake.  In Wisconsin we call this “God’s Country.”  Thanks for your hospitality we’d love to come back again.  Therese and Don – Wisconsin

2006 The bed was wonderful.  The view enchanting.  The other guests interesting and the trips to Mount Rainier short, pleasant drives.  The restaurants recommended by Ramona delicious.  A very refreshing weekend, thank you.  Jerry and Eileen – Port Orchard, WA

2006 We felt right at home here!  Thank you for making our stay so wonderful.  The view from the dock is gorgeous.  We couldn’t get over how beautiful Mt. Rainier looked at sunset.  When we look back on our trip we will definitely have fond memories of our stay here.  Melissa and Jennifer – Illinois

2006 There are so many ways that this lodge is perfect:  Location, Beauty, Convenience, Quiet, Choices. We savored them all.  Thank you, Ramona and Ron for taking on the project and caring for this treasure so that we and future seekers of solitude and reflection can fill their needs.  Bob and Deb – Seattle, WA

2005 I got in at 11PM and left to climb Rainier at 6AM.  It was the best 7 hours of sleep I’ve ever had.  Denny

2005 Sitting by a crackling fire and watching the mountain change colors as the sun set – PERFECT!  Thank you for making this possible for us.  Dan and Faith - Minnesota

2005 Ramona and Ron (alias R&R) The Lord’s beauty is all over you two.  It’s the sparkle of your eyes, the calmness and joy in your voice and the place you have infused is this humble abode.  Not only have you made Mineral Lake Lodge into a welcoming place but also a resting stop for weary travelers of life.  May the Lord richly bless you as you touch lives, speak truths and bring peace. We so enjoyed our chat with you. The fishing time on the dock was so relaxing.  Thank you again!  Bob & Cindi Covington, WA

2004 Everything about this lodge is done right – the place is authentic with all its atmosphere, and all the amenities are up to date and comfortable.  Ramona and Ron are wonderful hosts.  Thank you Lord, for leading me here, thousands of miles from home.  May I someday return here with my wife.  Tom - Raleigh, North Carolina

** I hope you have enjoyed just a small sampling of comments written by our guests. We opened the lodge the summer of 2003 and our very first guests were a young married couple from London England. We were unable to find that particular journal with their comments but after all these years, I can still see their happy faces!


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